These Are The World’s Safest Countries


There are now ten countries in the world not at war. Ten. Out of 196 countries only 10 are not at war. What does that tell you about man?

Aside from war, the threat of terrorism is dominating the entire world, with groups such as the Islamic State, Boko Haram, and Al-Qaeda carrying out attacks here there and everywhere.

There are also dozens of countries in uprising, dozens of countries in civil war and countless nations in famine.

I think it’s fair to say that the world is in a very shameful state at the moment.


However the glass is always half full at UNILAD, and here, we present to you, a list of the safest countries in the world right this minute. 

World Economic Forum

The above list was conducted by Geneva-based World Economic Forum and ranked countries based on their security and safety.

As you can see, the top dog is Finland, closely followed by the United Arab Emirates and Iceland.


Interestingly, Ireland ranked in at 21st place whereas the UK came in at a shocking 78.

On another note, Spain was crowned the world’s most tourist-friendly country in the report thanks to its cultural and natural offerings, along with its top tourism infrastructure.

I know where I’ll be going this summer.