These Girl Scouts Know The Real Reason Leo Won His Oscar


In case you somehow missed it, Leonardo DiCaprio won his very first Oscar last month. 

Most would say it was richly deserved for his lead role in brutal thriller The Revenant but the Girl Scouts of America seem to have their own idea – they think it’s all down to cookies.

Every year the Girl Scouts set up shop across the U.S to raise funds for their local units by shifting as many boxes of the biscuits as possible.


And when Chris Rock brought out an army of Girl Scouts at the Oscars last month, the celebrities in the audience were quick to snap them up, reports People.

Leo was among those who bought up the cookies and was pictured enthusiastically snacking on the treat during the ceremony.

In a brilliant entrepreneurial move, the Girl Scouts have now decided to take advantage of the A-lister’s love for the biscuits.

The group have posted an ad to their Facebook page using the Best Actor Oscar winner as their frontman and mimicking the (annoying) viral ‘Be Like Bill’ internet meme.

Be like Leo. Help girls change the world:

Posted by Girl Scout Cookies on Monday, March 7, 2016

The Girl Scouts are suggesting that buying cookies will bring you good things (apart from cookies obviously).

The post reads:

Leo wants an Oscar. Leo buys Girl Scout Cookies at the Awards. Leo wins an Oscar. Leo is smart. Be like Leo. Buy Girl Scout Cookies.

Leo wasn’t the only one at the awards ceremony who enjoyed the mid-ceremony snack. Christian Bale, Kate Winslet, Matt Damon were all spotted buying the treats too.

Great opportunism from the Girl Scouts.