These Incredible Illustrations Show Everything That’s Wrong In The World

pawel15Paweł Kuczyński/Facebook

If you’re sick of the relentless march of consumerism, the social media invasion and the pointlessness of war you’re probably going to enjoy this guy’s work…

Polish cartoonist Paweł Kuczyński addresses the questions that more and more people are asking themselves: Who am I? What is my role in society? Where am I going?

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pawel1Paweł Kuczyński/Facebook
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His incredible illustrations have proved incredibly popular due to their highly topical subject matter with many people observing that they reflect the ‘very essence of what’s going on around us in the modern world’ reports Brightside. 

Through his unique style of drawing Pawel tries to inject as much meaning as he can into every piece of his work and the results are staggeringly good.

pawel2Paweł Kuczyński/Facebook
pawel18Paweł Kuczyński/Facebook

We spoke to Pawel about his work to gain a little insight into the thought processes behind his work.

He told us:

I take inspiration from our reality. My works are my observations about our crazy times.

pawel17Paweł Kuczyński/Facebook
pawel14Paweł Kuczyński/Facebook

Their combination of subtle humour and thought-provoking ideas get right to the heart of the nature of the world we live in and throw up a number of interesting observations and questions in the process.

The images really encourage you to think about the effects that uninterrupted capitalism, unbridled consumerism, war and inequality are having on society.

pawel9Paweł Kuczyński/Facebook
pawel10Paweł Kuczyński/Facebook

Pawel’s views on many aspects of modern society are clearly pretty negative, but he says he doesn’t think it is too late for humans to turn things round.

He said:

Maybe my views on the reality are negative. Maybe because I’m afraid of the future of people or maybe just because it’s my style of humour.

The black humor – the laughing over the tears – I don’t believe my works could change the world – but if someone has reflections after watching them, then at least that’s a start.

pawel16Paweł Kuczyński/Facebook
pawel11Paweł Kuczyński/Facebook

If you’re a fan of Pavel’s work you can check out more of it on his Facebook page or visit his website.