These Painful Work Stories Will Make You Hate Your Job A Little Less


When you seriously despise your job, there’s always a brief moment before you open your eyes when you’ve forgotten for a second just how awful your life is.

Unfortunately, slowly but surely, it all comes flooding back and there it is – that horrible feeling which will accompany you all the way to work.

Stumbling through the likes of retail and hospitality careers – which can be dull, monotonous and extremely hard work for very little reward is not fun times.

But, in this sort of work, it only takes one more thing to break you and make you say to yourself: Fuck this, I’m done’ – something which happened to me many a time in some of my old jobs.

However, reading entries on this Reddit thread, where users recount the exact moment when they finally stopped caring, gave zero fucks about their jobs and just happily took the money, will make you like your job just that little bit more.

Each entry is as depressing as the next, with some of these people even quitting on the spot because of all the shit they got handed by bosses.

Here are just some of the worst responses:

Because getting no thanks for putting in some serious hard graft is just bullshit.

Or your boss is just a complete and utter asshole.

A change in bosses and direction can make a massive difference.

But it does help if you actually get paid a decent, fair wage.

Some companies just don’t get care about what’s happening in your personal life, even if you’re going through a really difficult time…

And the customer isn’t always bloody right.

If any of these stories ring any bells, you should definitely get the hell out of there, ASAP.