This Blindfold Test Could Tell You What Type Of Person You Are


Do you think of yourself as a confident individual, or are you more anxious and inhibited? Well this test will apparently let you know.

The i100 reports that scientific studies have shown that when blindfolded, confidence seriously affects sense of direction.

Scientists from the Universities of Kent, Cambridge, and Manchester blindfolded 78 participants before they attempted to walk six metres in a straight line toward a target.

The experiment, which was published in Cognition, was repeated 20 times for each volunteer with them returned to the starting point and shown the target once more.

Results showed that inhibited or anxious people would veer left, while those who were confident would veer right.

The reported reason for this is that anxious people experienced a higher degree of right brain activity, and vice-versa. This apparently stems from approach and avoidance mechanisms within the brain which are linked to the left/right split.

The authors of the study, Mario Weick, John A Allen, Milica Vasiljevic and Bo Yao, referred to the phenomenon as ‘contribution of behavioural approach and inhibition to lateral spatial bias’.

In layman’s terms if you are an open person, confident in most situations, you are likely using the left side of your brain. But if you are a bag of nerves that commonly avoids situations, you’re probably engaging the right side of your brain.

Give it a go, see if the test matches up to your opinion of yourself!