This Brutal Break Up Method Is A Whole New Level Of F*cked Up

by : UNILAD on : 04 Feb 2016 14:03

Of all the ways to break up with someone this note has to be one of the most brutal.


Clearly a fan of magic, this woman chose to end her relationship using some serious misdirection.

After leaving a bouquet of flowers on her girlfriend’s doorstep the woman’s significant other immediately whipped her phone out to say thanks, but she hadn’t seen the whole surprise. The dumper promptly corrected that and directed the dumpee to a ‘special’ note.

As reported by The Sun photos of the offending flowers were actually released last year, but have now gone viral with over 13,000 retweets and 14,000 likes.

Check it out:


The note appears to read:

We were never meant to be, there is no way you would ever be my forever

You’re a bit of a cunt and I hope you can find someone who will love you for it

Don’t try to message me because your number is blocked

Ally X

P.S You were a shit shag


It is not known what the reason for the breakup was, but for Ally to leave a nuclear note like that she is either an absolute bastard, or her now ex must have done something horrendous.

The note has certainly divided opinion online.


Whatever happened the pair are probably better off apart.

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  1. The Sun

    ‘P.S. You’re a s*** shag’: Lad leaves brutal break-up note with FLOWERS for his ex-girlfriend