This Could Be The Most Amazingly Dangerous Selfie Spot In The World

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If you don’t have a head for heights, you might be best looking away now as this could be the most terrifying selfie spot in the world. 


The Pedra da Gavea mountain, in Rio de Janeiro, which towers about 2762 feet above the Atlantic, has become the number one destination for people wanting that killer holiday snap, and you can see why.

The mountain is located within the Parque Nacional da Tijuca, a large expanse of tropical rainforest right in Rio, reports the Huffington Post.

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From the top, the mountain offers panoramic views of the national park, the ocean, and the city below, but it’s not simply a matter of strolling up to the top.

The hike takes about three hours each way and includes a small amount of rock climbing – so it’s probably best if it isn’t the first exercise other than a sprint for the train you’ve done in the last year.

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It looks like it’s absolutely worth it though – you’ll come away with the most epically terrifying photos ever:

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According to people who have done it, it’s just as scary as it looks. “It’s not an illusion,”Julianna Oliveira, the hiker in the photo below told the Huffington Post.


“We must be very careful.” She also said having a good photographer is key to capturing the right angles.

I think i’ll leave it to these guys, my hands are sweating just thinking about it. I’m off for a sugary drink and a lie down…

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