This Could Be The Most Bizarre Theory Behind The EgyptAir Crash Yet

by : UNILAD on : 23 May 2016 12:53

Since the tragic events that unfolded on-board the doomed Egyptair flight last week, many theories about its demise have been circulated all over the internet.


Electrical faults, terrorism, or even an inside job by one of the cabin crew have been suggested by onlookers, but this latest theory may be the most bizarre one yet.

Two pilots claim that a UFO with green lights passed over their Turkish Airlines plane shortly before the nearby EgyptAir plane crashed into the Mediterranean Sea.

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The object was seen by the pilots at 11.30pm last Thursday night while they were flying from Bodrum to Istanbul, The Mirror reports.


Just an hour later, the EgyptAir came down in the sea between Turkey and Egypt.

Hurriyet Daily News reported that the Turkish Airlines pilots told Air Traffic Control at Istanbul:

An unidentified object with green lights passed 2 to 3,000 feet above us. Then it disappeared all of a sudden. We are guessing that it was a UFO.

The mystery surrounding the fate of EgyptAir MS804 has only deepened following claims that the pilot in fact did make a distress call about an emergency descent which was made to put out a fire.

Initial reports had suggested that the crew lost all radio contact before the Airbus A320 plunged into the Mediterranean en route from Paris to Cairo, killing 66 people.

Debris-of-the-Egyptair-crash-1Debris-of-the-Egyptair-crash-1Egyptian Army

But according to French aviation sources there was a ‘conversation several minutes long’ between Captain Mohamed Said Shoukair, 37, and the controllers, which amounted to a distress call.


Greece’s Defence Minister, Pano Kammenos, explained that the plane dropped sharply from 37,000ft to 15,000ft and then made ‘sudden swerves’.


Once it entered Egyptian airspace, over the Greek island of Karpathos, it made a sharp, 90-degree turn to the east, and then carried out a full 360-degree loop.

A leaked data report also claimed that a fire ravaged the flight-deck just minutes before the disaster, suggesting that it was more likely to be an electronics malfunction.

The new information made a terror attack seem ‘less likely’, but it has still not been ruled out.


Hopefully these theories will be put to bed once and for all once the plane’s black boxes are found.

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