This Could Be The Most F*cked Up April Fools’ Joke Ever

by : UNILAD on : 06 Apr 2016 13:49


In this day and age, it seems internet pranksters are turning to some pretty dark shit just for the sake of a few Facebook likes, but this latest ‘prank’ is just completely disgraceful.


A clip has emerged online of a little boy running for his life at a Turkish playground after a bloke makes fun of him by ‘warning’ of a ‘bomber’ plane overhead.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 13.37.56Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 13.37.56New World/YouTube

The video – which was filmed in Istanbul – was titled as an ‘Aprils fool’s joke’ by its authors too, apparently.

The footage shows a small boy – reportedly a Syrian refugee – just sitting in a playground, minding his own business when a man comes up to him and tells the boy about the airplane flying over.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 13.38.09Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 13.38.09New World/YouTube

Speaking in Arabic, the man tells the boy to hide. The terrified child runs around, looking desperately for shelter. While the wannabe prankster keeps shouting warnings of the plane, laughter can be heard behind the camera.

The boy eventually sits against a wall, looking concerned towards the sky.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 13.38.36Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 13.38.36New World/YouTube

Since the video was posted, it’s gone viral on social media in Turkey and the Middle East, with many commenters understandably calling the joke ‘sick’ and ‘inhumane’.

This kid has probably already been through enough in his young life as it is, so to do something like this is just sick, end of.

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