This Couple’s Incredibly Public ‘S&M Fetish Session’ Has Gone Viral

fuzhou_01_rolf_baurFuzhou City - Wikimedia

Commuters were left stunned when they saw a woman dragging her male ‘friend’ through the streets on a leash in what has to be one of the oddest dog walks ever. 

According to The Mirror though this wasn’t some mad new craze like the pet rock (ask your mum and dad) it was in fact an odd public S&M session which saw the woman drag the man through rush hour traffic like a dog.

The odd sadomasochist act took place in Fuzhou, the capital city of East China’s Fujian Province, and while most commuters were left baffled some knew exactly what was going on and snapped pics of the humiliating scene.


Witnesses claim that the woman would occasionally stop and stroke her pet, telling passers-by he was her ‘dog’ much to the shock of those around her.

Eventually the duo’s antics drew the attention of the long arm of the law and Fuzhou City police demanded the couple stop what they were doing, although apparently no one knew if this was a crime or not.


After being scolded by the police the woman allegedly untied her ‘dog’ and the pair disappeared into a shopping centre.

Should have gone down the dog park…