DJ Finally Gets Sweet Revenge On Bully A Decade After High School

kasum-bully-revengeDaily Free Press

Superstar DJ, Kasum, just found the perfect way to get revenge on his high school bully who tried to blag free tickets to see his show.

Kasum – the alter ego of Brandon Weiss – received a text from the very same douchebag who shoved his head down a toilet when he was just 10-years-old asking for a handout.

The bully wanted a free pass to the prestigious New York venue, Marquee, that has welcomed the liked of Paul Oakenfold, David Guetta, Bob Sinclair, The Weeknd, Skream Steve Angello, Disclosure and Tiesto.

Ouch. How the seemingly mighty have fallen.

Not only did Weiss remind the now-adult bully of his disgusting wrong-doings, he also schooled him in Conversation 101, while topping it all off with the *smiling poo* emoji.


So often we read stories and watch films about the high school bullies who peak too early and become washed up nobodies who need a free ride from their childhood victims.

But Kasum just proved that the justice so often reserved for fiction can sometimes be turned into reality, with a little patience, a sense of humour and the drive to succeed.

After working hard for a decade in the competitive music industry, Kasum finally served out a steaming bowl of karma to the bully who thought the young Weiss worthless enough to stick his head down a toilet.