This Girl Was Bullied For Being The Absolute Spitting Image Of Taylor Swift



A student from America, who is constantly being mistaken for pop superstar Taylor Swift, has been targeted by vile internet trolls, but rather than stay quiet she bravely responded.

Keitra Jane is a 21-year-old girl at the University of Utah who bears more than passing resemblance to Taylor Swift, with some people even going so far as to mistake her cat for Taylor’s cat Meredith.

While most of us would think that looking like a mega star would be awesome, Keitra has unfortunately discovered the ugly side of being a celeb doppelganger on the Internet – the commenters.

Keira told

My friends kept sending me photos of these comments that would say just inappropriate things like ‘Taylor with a bigger rack/boobs.’

However one particularly ugly comment caught her eye. It said: ‘A fatter Taylor Swift’.

The comment hit Keitra particularly hard as she suffers from body dysmorphia and, only a few years ago, was 30 pounds lighter thanks to bulimia and anorexia – something she overcame with the help of loved ones.

However, rather than stay quiet and let the commenters walk all over her, Keitra responded on Instagram.

Well done Keitra. Fuck the haters.