This Girl’s 17 Year Revenge Plan On Cheating Ex-Boyfriend Is Brutal


It’s not unusual in this day and age for jilted exes to publish their wild – sometimes violent – revenge plots for the world to see.

But this particular revenge plan is perfectly executed savagery the likes of which I haven’t seen since reading Gone Girl.

Meet Harriet, the girl from Cheshire whose boyfriend cheated on her and then had the cheek to ask her to pay him back for some Justin Bieber tickets.


The cheapskate cheater not only has dreadful music taste but apparently he’s also graced with literally zero tact.

But fear not; Harriet came up with a very smart way to give him back exactly what he deserved, money and all.


The Queen of Karma struck and Harriet set up a direct debit payment to her cheating ex-boyfriend of one penny a day, with the reference ‘cheating cunt’.

She estimates it will take 17 years for the pennies to rack up to a full reimbursement.


To make matters even worse for the cheater, Harriet shared the whole delightful tale on Twitter for the world to see.

Take a bow, Harriet. Take a bow.