This Girl’s Attempt At A ‘Jump For Joy’ Graduation Photo Ends In Disaster

by : UNILAD on : 25 Mar 2016 15:20

Graduation day is usually a time of pure joy.


You’ve put in all that work and effort into your degree, so you should be able to just enjoy and savour the day you collect your diploma and can move on in life.

enhanced-30213-1458854881-1 (1)enhanced-30213-1458854881-1 (1)Chelsea Whitfield

But not Chelsea Whitfield, oh no. Her graduation photo shoot went horribly wrong after she broke her foot while attempting to re-create a fun ‘jumping for joy’ pose. Doh.

The student at Valdosta State University in Georgia was pretty damn excited the day the shoot came. She met with her photographer, Caitlin Ogden, at a common graduation picture area at her school.

enhanced-5431-1458856322-1enhanced-5431-1458856322-1Cait Nash Photos

Caitlin suggested that Chelsea should do the standard ‘jumping for joy’ pose which many of us have had to face at some point in our school years. So, she took off her shoes and gave it ago.

But when she landed, she instantly regretted her life choices. Despite the agonising pain, Chelsea carried on with the shoot for a while anyway.

enhanced-5947-1458856543-1enhanced-5947-1458856543-1Cait Nash Photos

When she had to have her injury checked out by the school’s wellness clinic, this photo shoot turned into something completely unexpected.

Caitlin kept snapping away, and caught some great shots of Chelsea being taken away in a wheelchair.

enhanced-10198-1458856666-7enhanced-10198-1458856666-7Cait Nash Photos

And when she got home from her ordeal, Chelsea had a well deserved drink.

enhanced-12372-1458856698-7enhanced-12372-1458856698-7Cait Nash Photos

Once it was over, her boyfriend, Cole Ahnberg, posted the series to Reddit and it has since been viewed over two million times.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Caitlin said that the series of photos were probably so popular because they are ‘relatable’, adding: “I’m just like a normal person that tried to do superhuman things, and it did not work out in my favour.”

You can say that again.

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