This Guy Managed To Travel Around The World For Only £55

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Travelling around the world can be out of many our reach, because it’s simply too damn pricey.  


But if we told you that if you played your cards right that you could do it on a shoestring, would you be up for it?

Well that’s what this guy did and his journey sounds equally terrifying and incredible. Timotei Rad, from Romania, managed to travel through most of Europe as well as parts of South America, Asia and the U.S. with just $80 (£55) in cash. A bold move.

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He somehow only had to catch two flights during his three years worth of trips and as well as the small amount of dollar just took a rucksack and sleeping bag- rather him than me!


As a hitchhiker, you’re understandably going to encounter some pretty terrifying moments and it was no different for Rad.

He came face to face with a member of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

3323157100000578-3537672-During_his_trip_he_even_hitch_hiked_in_Afghanistan_where_three_s-a-190_14605531919393323157100000578-3537672-During_his_trip_he_even_hitch_hiked_in_Afghanistan_where_three_s-a-190_1460553191939Timotei Rad

Speaking to MailOnline Travel, he said: 

I was excited and happy to be having such a crazy photo but I didn’t know if the gun was loaded. I took the AK47 carefully, and tried not to get close to the trigger. While walking towards him I thought and expected that he may kill me but he wasn’t mean, he was like a father. He was a warm hearted man. We then took a photo together and I was very relaxed around him.

He also got confronted by gunman in Venezuela and robbers in Iran. Doesn’t sound great so far now does it?

3322EFEB00000578-3537672-The_adventure_seeker_is_pictured_on_a_camel_after_getting_lost_i-a-183_14605531914853322EFEB00000578-3537672-The_adventure_seeker_is_pictured_on_a_camel_after_getting_lost_i-a-183_1460553191485Timotei Rad

The 30-year-old has managed to rack up 146,000 miles during his journey and has visited over 80 countries so far using money saved from €220 donations a month from people who’ve read his online advice and posts on his blog.


He’s also struggled to take all these photos, as he’s had to trade two cameras for rides across Europe so he has to rely on people in each country to take photographs of him and email them over- bit of a ballache to say the least.

332349B200000578-3537672-Since_leaving_his_home_in_2013_Rad_has_visited_all_of_Europe_exc-a-180_1460553191435332349B200000578-3537672-Since_leaving_his_home_in_2013_Rad_has_visited_all_of_Europe_exc-a-180_1460553191435Timotei Rad

Despite all this it doesn’t appear to have put him off travelling.

He added: “Hitch-hiking is my dream and I am living it, just like anyone else with aspirations, mine is to travel.”

Over 2,000 people have been following his exploits on his Facebook page and he’s now set to travel to Budapest in the next leg of his journey.

3323BDDD00000578-3537672-After_getting_home_Rad_paid_to_have_a_tattoo_of_the_world_create-a-192_14605531919413323BDDD00000578-3537672-After_getting_home_Rad_paid_to_have_a_tattoo_of_the_world_create-a-192_1460553191941Timotei Rad

Definitely worth it if you’re willing to put the work in, but I think I’ll just stick to an all-inclusive holiday, ta.

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