This Guy Spent A Week Mapping Every US Military Base On Earth

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This Guy Spent A Week Mapping Every US Military Base On Earth@johnny.harris/TikTok

A travel filmmaker has spent a week mapping out the location of every single US overseas military base, in an attempt to show just how far America’s power extends.

Johnny Harris, who posts videos on YouTube and TikTok, pinpointed the location of all the currently active US bases on Earth, and the results kind of speak for themselves.

Map showing the location of every US overseas military base (@Johnny.Harris/TikTok)@Johnny.Harris/TikTok

As Harris’ map shows, with the notable exceptions of adversaries like Russia and China, the US has a foothold in just about every corner of world, with large clusters in parts of East Asia, Eastern Europe and Central America.

Harris explains that America has especially high concentrations of bases in countries like Japan, South Korea and Germany, which were all occupied at least in part by US forces following World War Two. But that doesn’t go far enough to explain just how heavily America’s military presence came to dominate the world over the last three-quarters of a century.

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All in all, there are about 800 US bases dotted around the world, and Harris argues the scope of the US’ military presence is a form of modern-day imperialism. Rather than flat out invading and conquering foreign countries as in the old days of empires, he says, the US instead builds a military presence in order to ‘project power and show everyone who is in charge.’

While some might argue that the economic influence countries like China have developed in regions like Africa and Southeast Asia over the course of the past few decades has challenged US global dominance, Harris concludes the sheer number of US military overseas bases ‘proves’ that it’s Uncle Sam that’s still ‘in charge.’

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