This Guy Went On An Amazing Around The World Trip To 11 Cities For £200

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This guy managed to book an incredible around the world trip for the price of an economy seat ticket.

Sam Huang travelled first class to 11 cities in seven countries, over five continents – and he managed to do it for $300 (£200), rather than the $60,000 (£40,000) it should have cost.

He now hopes to help other achieve the same through his website, TopMiles. In his words:

TopMiles allows you to input your departure and arrival city and displays the number of miles you need for a “free” ticket. It then shows you the credit cards with the highest sign-up bonuses that you can use for each program. The service also helps users keep track of their spending on the cards.

Finally, once they have enough miles, they can go through my step-by-step guides to redeem their miles.

The 26-year-old managed to achieve this amazing trip through a series of loopholes and credit card bonuses to acquire frequent flyer miles.

Mr Huang told MailOnline Travel that he didn’t think it would work at first, because:

Most airlines’ booking systems only allow direct routing. For example if you wanted to fly from New York to Paris, you would have to cross the Atlantic Ocean. You can’t fly to Sydney then Tokyo then Paris.

He started by adding several 24-hour stopovers to his journey, using Alaska Airlines – a company that lets you stop on route.

Flying in an Airbus A380, the largest passenger plane in the world, he managed to cover 21,136 miles on the first leg of his journey travelling from Singapore to New York via Melbourne, Auckland, Sydney, Dubai and Milan.

After racking an additional 34,000 frequent flyer miles, the second leg of his epic trip took him from Houston to Singapore via Dubai, Rome, Mauritius, Brisbane and Auckland.

Flying first class, he received VIP treatment on each step of the journey, including access to first class lounges with marble entrances, Champagne and gourmet meals at airports.

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Once in the air he travelled in private first class suites with sliding doors, personal luxury mini-bar, a seat that converts into a large flat bed, and a choice of meals prepared by an executive chef – as well as unlimited Dom Perignon Champagne.

You can read the full explanation of how Sam managed to pull of his incredible trip here.