This Guy With One Arm Still Smashes The Gym Harder Than You

Caters Clips/YouTube

How many times have you thought of some bullshit excuse not to go to the gym?

I’m too tired, my legs hurt, whatever! Well, if you ever needed some inspiration to get off your ass and actually go to the gym then look no further then this guy.

Caters Clips/YouTube

This is Mak Okun. He’s a 24-year-old guy from Arizona who was born without one of his arms, but he didn’t let that stop him from setting out to achieve an incredible physique.

Working with Advanced Arm Dynamics, they developed a ‘sleeve’ which functioned as an arm and allowed him to bench massive weights that his body is capable of lifting.

But his incredible body isn’t just down to his time in the gym, oh no, he says it’s also down to a balanced diet and quite a fair bit of cardio.

He essentially looks better than the vast majority of us and puts us to shame with his gym antics. Hopefully this has provided you with some much needed motivation to hit the gym some point.

Caters Clips/YouTube

Meanwhile, I’m just going to cry into my Big Mac- be right back.