This Guy’s Massive Romantic Gesture Wins Valentine’s Day Hands Down


Just when you thought we were in an age where romance is pretty much dead, someone comes along and does this.

Meet Hayden Godfrey. This 17-year-old from Smithfield, Utah spent months planning a happy Valentine’s Day for all the girls at his high school and it’s absolutely incredible.

Facebook/Hayden Godfrey

He bought 900 carnations to give to every girl at Sky View High School, which set him back $450.

Explaining his reason behind the incredible romantic gesture, Hayden told Mashable:

I firmly believe no girl should feel excluded on Valentine’s day. If it was up to me, Valentine’s wouldn’t be a day about couples, but a day about loving your fellow human beings.

When he shared pictures of the flowers on his Facebook page, he got bombarded with praise for his awesome Valentine’s gifts.

So I did a thing today.Today I passed out 900 carnations, one to every girl at SVHS and it was totally worth it. I don…

Posted by Hayden Godfrey on Thursday, 11 February 2016

He purchased the flowers through an online flower store and used his own savings for the purchase.

The teenager explained to a local news channel that the gesture was not an act and that he used to deliver nearly 20-to-30 flowers every year on Valentine’s Day since he believed, ‘as many people as possible should be happy on Valentine’s Day’.

Facebook/Hayden Godfrey

What an absolute legend.