This Instagram Account Is Dedicated To ‘Hot Israeli Army Girls’


I wasn’t aware that this was a ‘thing,’ but apparently it is.

It seems that there’s now an Instagram account to celebrate the ‘Hot Israeli Army Girls’ and there are thousands of women on there, the Daily Mail reports.

The account has attracted nearly 50,000 followers and gets thousands of likes from ‘admirers’ of the women.

All Jewish Israeli citizens have to complete national service in their home country, so as you’d expect there are plenty of Instagram snaps to choose from.

This applies to all, regardless of gender, from the age of 18, hence why there seems to be so many female Israeli soldiers popping up on that Instagram account.

They all have to complete a minimum of two years with the armed forces before going on to other careers.

Some of the girls do end up fighting on the front line, but the majority simple serve as reserves.

The unusual fan pagefeatures many of them in their uniforms alongside snaps of them relaxing on the beach in their downtime.

This is certainly not your average fan page…