This Is How Long It Takes Before People Get Annoyed With Public Displays Of Affection

by : George Pavlou on : 14 Feb 2017 23:02
Virgin Atlantic

Is there anything worse than standing on a cold, wet, rainy train platform with your feet soaked through, only to glance across at the board, see your train delayed and an overly cuddly couple smooching non-stop while everyone stands and judges them for being #couplegoals in public?

As if their first public display of affection wasn’t enough, they decide a second, lengthier public display of affection is then needed just to really hammer home that they’re totes #relationshipgoals.


If you’ve ever felt that rage inside that only another couple’s lengthy PDA could possibly ignite within you, don’t feel bad about having that reaction.

As it turns out, that reaction is normal for any sort of PDA that lasts longer than 12 seconds.

Virgin Atlantic

A Facebook Live experiment by Virgin Atlantic actually found that 12 seconds is about as long as any couple should express their love for one another in public for without pissing everybody off around them.


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According to Virgin, five million people travel with their airline every year, meaning customers constantly see PDA in and around airport terminals.

That’s why they asked cabin crew couple Jess and Gary Ogden to participate in the experiment on Facebook Live.

You can see the results in the video below:


Viewers were simply asked to post a wow emoji when they felt the kiss had reached its perfect length. At 12 seconds, the emojis came pouring in.

The theory can also be tested at Gatwick’s North Terminal where Virgin Atlantic customers can enjoy a new parking service called kiss&fly. Essentially you get one hour free in a short-stay parking facility to make sure you get the appropriate 12 seconds of goodbye kissing in, anywhere in the airport, before letting your loved one leave.

Not a bad perk, if I may say so myself.

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