This Is How Much Men Would Pay For A Date With Margot Robbie

by : UNILAD on : 02 Sep 2016 11:46


It’s fair to say many men (and women) out there would probably give an arm and a leg to bag a date with Hollywood A-Lister Margot Robbie.


But if it came down to money, how much cash would you really be willing to part with to take the Suicide Squad star on a night out on the town? Well apparently a new bizarre study has all the answers.

They found that the average lad would fork out £41,317 for just one date with the Australian actress, imagine the disappointment if it was (inevitably) super awkward?


This was part of a wider study to find out what monetary value people would put on a list of priceless situations, which included a one-off date with Margot, The Sun reports.


It ultimately showed that men and women put very different monetary values on looks. The study found that men were willing to pay a staggering £93,033 for the privilege, while women were willing to pay £68,487- almost £25,000 less than their male counterparts.

Groom carrying bride on beach against sunsetGroom carrying bride on beach against sunset

Other interesting bits included that the 2,000 respondents would be willing on average to part with over £3 million to have a good health for them and their family (awh) and pay £8.7 million to start a completely new life.

The top things we would pay money for if we could, emerged as being worry and stress free (49 per cent), to eat whatever you like and not gain weight (44 per cent) and to have naturally good teeth (39 per cent).


Though we guess if you managed to clinch a second date with Margot all those worries would slowly fade away.

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