This Is How To Find Wi-Fi Passwords For Airports Around The World


If you’re travelling anywhere by plane these days it’s pretty much a given that you’ll end up spending way more time than you’d like in an airport.


But hopefully those long lost hours in the departure lounge just got a lot less traumatic thanks to this super-handy airport Wi-Fi map, reports Mashable.

Travel blogger, computer security engineer and all round good guy Anil Polat, has created a genius interactive map for airport-goers to easily find Wi-Fi passwords.


The map – regularly updated by Anil – includes the Wi-Fi passwords for dozens of airports all over the world.

And it’s so simple, by clicking on an airport, you receive specific instructions on where you should to sit to get the best Wi-Fi connection, along with its password.


Obviously you need a bit of mobile data left to be able to access the map in the first place, but once you’re on it’s plain sailing.

Say hello to the convenient reality of free airport Wi-Fi – hopefully those pesky five hour delays will just fly by now…