This Is The Big Thing That Drives Women To Cheat, Apparently


Of all the perfectly legitimate reasons women have to cheat, surprisingly it seems to be housework that tops the list.

That’s right. House work. According to The Telegraph a recent survey found that guys shirking from house work, is not only the biggest turn off for women but most likely to lead to them having an affair.

Great to know.


The French study discovered that 73 per cent of women surveyed have been driven to cheat because of their partners not pulling their weight with the chores.

Of the 10,000 women quizzed on their behaviour, 86 per cent, although not admitting to going astray, claimed it caused them huge frustration, with 84 per cent saying it lead to an argument.


A French site reported that ‘he didn’t play enough of a role in daily household chores’ was a major factor in driving women straight into the arms of another man.

Well, fair enough, although it does seem a tad far to actually go out and commit adultery because your other half didn’t do the washing up…


Looks like French guys are going to be affected by this the worst though, as another French survey revealed that two thirds of women in France do the vast majority of the domestic tasks.

Not looking good lads, best get that scrubber out.


And things aren’t much better in the UK either, as a similar study showed that 31 per cent of white, British men pick up the mops and hoovers, but are beaten in the chivalry stakes, by black, British men, of which 40 per cent are more inclined to get down and dirty, (with the cleaning products…)

Overall though, according to another French poll, (why are they surveying everything?) more than half of guys questioned have been unfaithful, compared to just one third of women.

So the moral of this particular story is – as long as you help out around the house, you’ve got a better chance of keeping your other half from straying…