This Is The Safest City To Live In When The Zombie Apocalypse Kicks Off

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Ever wondered if you’d survive the zombie apocalypse?

Well, whether you’d make it depends a lot on where you live, and now the safest city in the U.S. has been revealed.

CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists put together a handy list of the biggest American cities that’d be the best and worse place to be if a “standard, flesh-eating virus transmitted via biting or contact with infected blood” is released.

According to Mic the 53 cities – they had to contain population’s of 1 million or more to be included – were ranked on four factors: “…ability to defend against the virus, ability to contain the virus, ability to find a cure and ability to outlast the epidemic with an ample food supply.”

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They were scored on how many people in each city worked in the protective services, I.E security, police and firefighters, as well as “the percentage of total exports coming from each metro’s small arms manufacturing industries.”

It also included scores on how many people were employed in technical sectors like engineering and construction, and each city’s population density – large crowds of people create large crowds of zombies.

Other factors taken into consideration include cities access to supplies of non-perishable foods and how many biological and medical specialists there are there to help cure whatever the virus is.

Here are the ten best and ten worst (lists courtesy of Mic):

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So there you go, New York, New York, big city of screams, apparently.