This Is What Happened When Muslim Man Confronted Britain First’s Leader

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In a world full of ignorance, intolerance and islamophobia in the wake of the migrant crisis and the rise of Daesh, it’s nice to see a Muslim man confronting this disgusting racism head on.


Enter Britain First. They decided to go to Leicester not once, but twice over the last week to spew out their vile ideology to the masses- though it seems not many wanted to really listen as they got driven out of the city.

One who did though was Muslim university lecturer, Riaz Khan. He engaged Britain First’s leader Paul Golding last Saturday in a reasonably polite conversation and questioned them on their anti-Islam activities, The Huffington Post reports.

The (rather badly shot) video can be watched below:


What proceeded was simply amazing, as Khan completely demolished everything Golding had to say.

It all started out with Khan asking why Britain First insist on carrying out mosque invasions, to which Golding replied:

We only did it because those mosques we went into linked to some sort of extremism. We went into Glasgow mosque and some of those speakers have now been exposed as supporting ISIS and so on.

In a bid to gain some common ground, Khan asked Golding to work together on the problem of extremism and grooming gangs- something that both groups are so obviously against.

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Khan said:

There are only about 100 involved out of the three million Muslims in the country. Instead of concentrating on a tiny minority why don’t you concentrate on the majority and we can come together.

But Golding replied in true Britain First style by simply saying he had a problem with Islam, the Quran and the people who follow that religion.


He went on to claim that Muslims are aggressive towards them when they protest- but as Khan pointed out, the group have intimidation tactics by going into mosques and slaughterhouses, and preaching that everything they believe in is wrong and ‘barbaric’.

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Adding that Britain First usually start the aggro and their tactic is to ‘give a bit of grief and then you put your camera on, you know you do that’.

Golding also kept referring back to the fact that Muslims did not protest the death of Lee Rigby, as well as the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. Something Khan refused to take lying down, as it was simply not true.

There were in fact thousands upon thousands of Muslims protesting these acts of terror, but it was just something that the mainstream media wanted to weren’t as interested in reporting about, sadly.


Golding finally admitted that the people he had a real problem with are white liberals who have ‘no love for their own country’, which makes the mind boggle considering their obvious disdain for Muslims and their faith.

Khan replied:

I don’t hate this country, the majority of Muslims, 99.9% love this country more than anyone else probably.

It all ended with Khan inviting Golding to an actual debate, though whether he takes him up on this offer remains to be seen.

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This is just what the world needs right now.

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