This Is What Your Most Common Dreams Really Mean

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For centuries psychologists, shamen, doctors and psychics have tried to unravel the mystery of our dreams.

Although everyone is of course different, there are a number of common dreams that pretty much everyone will have at some point in their life – and dream interpreters think they now have a good idea of what they mean.


In an exclusive interview for the Daily Star, psychic Tamara Trusseau, has given her insights into what our night time musings actually represent.

She told the Daily Star: 

Dreams can be very complex but one of the main reasons we dream is because we have to make sense of what’s going on in our life.

Our subconscious reviews our daily deeds and makes sense of them in a way that we can’t.


So, here is Tamara’s rundown of what these five common dreams really mean…

Your teeth fall out.


It’s widely believed that this incredibly common dream is to do with emotions of anxiety, insecurity, loss and health.


Tamara said:

Teeth indicates health. It doesn’t mean bad things will happen but it’s indicating that we’re not paying enough attention to health matters like not eating the right foods or perhaps ignoring pain.

You’re falling.



We’ve all had these haven’t we? Falling dreams are mostly associated with a loss of control in some aspect of our daily life that needs to be corrected.

Tamara said:

A fall normally means there’s an obstacle in our life but it might not be obvious. The feeling of falling is there to bring you to a zone where you need to pay attention to things that are going on.



We’ve probably all woken up with that awkward feeling about someone we know…

But don’t worry, just because you had dream sex with your colleague it doesn’t mean you actually want to sleep with them.

According to Tamara:

We dream about sex when we’re lacking certain things like a relationship.

However, if you dream about having sex with a specific person, 90 per cent of the time, it doesn’t mean you want to have sex with them.

It just means that person has a connection to someone else in your life.

You’re back at school.


Tamara said:

There are two standard roads for this dream – one is that your subconscious is telling you you’re in a learning process.

School often comes up when we start something new like a job or a hobby and it’s your subconscious telling you to pay attention to what you’re learning.

Being back at school can also mean we’re feeling emotional and low. School can be there in a comforting manner because it takes us back to a familiar setting.

Although the flaw in this one is that the thought of being back in school definitely isn’t comforting to a lot of people…

You’re friends with celebrities.


Tamara says that when celebrities appear in our dreams they actually represent other people in our lives.

She said:

You could be having issues with a friend at work who has a similar hair colour to the celebrity in your dream.

You’ll obviously pay more attention to someone who’s a public figure than if the actual person appears in the dream.

So there you go, we can all sleep easy now knowing that our subconscious is just telling us we’re failing to cope with our stress levels!

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