This Is Who Has The World’s Most Beautiful Face, Apparently

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Johnny Depp must really be regretting his ‘scum’ tattoo nowadays, as his estranged wife, Amber Heard, has just been crowned the proud owner of the World’s Most Beautiful Face – weird title I know. 

Up for the title were Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lawrence, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez – but it was Amber Heard who hurled her perfectly symmetrical face directly onto the winner’s podium to claim victory.

Miss Heard has the World’s Most Beautiful Face because she fits, most closely, the Greek beauty ratio Phi which determines what makes a beautiful face, reports The Mirror.

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The Phi ratio, which uses a 12 point facial feature system to determine beauty, was adapted to meet digital standards by Harley Street physician Dr De Silva, who mapped the faces using advanced technology.

In his findings, he discovered that although Amber picked up the award for best all round face, as well as the best chin and nose, Kim Kardashian has the best eyebrows, and Kate Moss has the best forehead – that’s what I look for in a girl, a good forehead.

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Here’s the Most Beautiful Face rankings in full:

  1. Amber Heard with 91.85 per cent
  2. Kim Kardashian with 91.39 per cent
  3. Kate Moss with 91.06 per cent
  4. Emily Ratajkowski with 90.8 per cent
  5. Kendall Jenner with 90.18 per cent
  6. Helen Mirren with 89.93 per cent
  7. Scarlett Johansson with 89.82 per cent
  8. Selena Gomez with 89.57 per cent
  9. Marilyn Monroe with 89.41 per cent
  10. Jennifer Lawrence with 89.24 per cent

Speaking about the bizarre research, Dr De Silva, said:

We have devised a brand new computer mapping technique which can calculate how to make subtle improvements to facial shapes.

With this ground-breaking technology, we have solved some of the mysteries of what it is that makes someone physically beautiful.

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He added:

The results were startling and showed several famous actresses and models have facial features that come close to the ancient Greek principles for physical perfection.

Amber Heard had a near perfect ratio of nose dimension 99.7 per cent and her chin was also almost perfect. Across the 12 key markers for nose, lips, eyes, forehead, chin and facial symmetry and shape Amber Heard had the highest combined score.

I’m so glad I now know all this information…