This Katie Hopkins Quote Could Be Silver Lining To Trump’s Win


As the world mourns the so-called death of America and the whole of Western Civilisation, whilst plummeting dismally into a depressing hole, (heavy stuff), a single silver lining has been offered up in the form of…. wait for it…

Katie Hopkins.

Unlikely, I know, but one of the nation’s most detested and brutal opinion-spouters has perhaps, this time, served us up something we can all enjoy – the promise of her fucking off to America if Trump won the election.



The Huffington Post have gladly reminded us of the infamous promise that Katie Hopkins made on twitter earlier in Trump’s campaign.

And here it is in all its finest glory:

We can only hope and pray our hardest that the vindictive human being will honour her words and frankly, do one.



And it seems we’re not alone in this, as hundreds have taken to Twitter in an apparent protest campaign to get hated Katie to stick to her appropriately named, guns.

Here’s some of what’s been going on in twitter land:

While the rest of the world waited with baited breath about the fate of the powerful nation, Daily Mail journo and all-round irritating presence, Hopkins spent the night sharing pictures of herself donning ludicrous trump hats and generally airing her unwanted pro-Trump views.

One of her most recent tweets, annoyingly plays on the British people’s anxious dreams that she might be jetting off somewhere far, far away sometime soon…

Hmm, there’s still hope yet…. watch this space.