This New Harry Potter Fan Theory Is Really Depressing And Explains Alot

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Most of J.K. Rowling’s logic when it comes to the Harry Potter universe is considered as gospel by die-hard fans, but niggling doubts still remain about some of the book’s smaller details.

Just three years after the first instalment came out, the author herself stated that there were around 1,000 students in Hogwarts during Harry’s era.

But this number didn’t sit right with some, especially as there only seemed to be around 18 boys in his year. The math just doesn’t seem to quite add up.


A screen grab from the first film showed that Harry’s class only showed 18 first-year Gryffindors, but Buzzfeed noted that there should be about 35 when you divide 1,000 up by the seven years and four houses.

Well now a Tumblr user has the answer apparently and it’s pretty fucking depressing:

Damn. Not cool man, not cool.

Voldemort’s reign occurred from about 1970 to 1981, so we would expect small classes in the years above Harry as well, but larger ones in the years below, as it was effectively wartime in the wizarding world. Not a good time to have babies!

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The fact that fans can still produce these mega convincing theories almost a decade after the Harry Potter saga ended is a testament to its passionate fanbase.