This Optical Illusion Will Prove Whether You’re An Adult Or A Child


This weird optical illusion was designed to show how easily our minds, can be tricked into seeing something that isn’t real.

However this particular trick – known as the Ebbinghaus illusion – is strange in that it tricks adults but not children.

Watch the video and try to determine which of the two orange circles appears larger.

The vast majority of people who watch will observe that the orange circle on the right-hand side is larger.

However, both the orange circles are actually exactly the same size.

The Ebbinghaus illusion was designed in the mid-nineteenth century to investigate how perception and action work in the brain but seems to have little effect on a child’s visual perception, reports the indy100.


When perceiving the size of an object, adults’ brains take into account the ‘visual context.’

This is something that apparently only develops slowly in youngsters, which could be one explanation for why children can see past the trickery.

Things aren’t always what they seem…