This Personal Trainer Posts Unflattering Photos To Keep It Real

by : UNILAD on : 25 Sep 2016 01:07

This personal trainer is keeping it real and reminding us that although her abs do look great, she is still a normal person with bad angles like the rest of us.


Anna Victoria, who has 1 million followers on her fitness Instagram and is the creator of The Fit Body Guides, is known for posting unflattering photos now and again.

I often find the huge number of Instagram profiles pretty disillusioning as opposed to inspiring.

But being reminded by Anna that even the most fit people have flabs of skin and a slight muffin top brings it all back to reality a bit.


Speaking to the Cut, Anna said: 

I have always tried to share the more real side.

Eight months ago, I shared a video of me picking at my stomach. It wasn’t to say, “oh, I’m so fat,” but to emphasize that when you see pictures, I’m posing and flexing. Flexing is a five-second thing. That’s not how I am walking around or when I’m sitting. I want to show people that there is something to grab.

All people see is the perfect side of fitness, and they think that that’s how they have to be. You can be a real person, be into fitness, and not give up every time that you have one little stumble.

It’s okay to go on vacation, go totally off-track, lose some progress, and it’s okay to get back on track. People think you need all or nothing. That’s one thing that I want to break down.

Insider notes that her programme, the The Fit Body Guide, does not focus on the look of a body, but instead inner and outer wellness, which isn’t characterized by obsessing over the way your body looks or obtaining one, particular body type. It’s about being strong and taking care of oneself, and embracing what is real.

A lot of  consumers prefer the au naturale take on fitness and advertising, and businesses are catching on with lingerie brand Aerie embracing women’s cellulite, freckles, imperfect abs, and all.

Even super-skinny brand Victoria’s Secret has tried to bring things down to earth by deflating the padding on their bras…


…there’s hope for us A cups yet!

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