These ‘Dudeoir’ Photos Brilliantly Challenge Gender Stereotypes

by : UNILAD on : 14 Mar 2016 16:52

We’ve all seen those sensual ‘boudoir’ photo shoots featuring women in all manner of enticing poses.


Well, Canadian photographer Masika May has brilliantly turned the perspective on its head, reports Bored Panda.

In Masika’s photo shoot she has replaced the usual seductive woman with a burly bearded fella to create her ‘dudeoir’ series.

She originally got the idea from a previous commission when she took a series of intimate pictures of Brendon Williams.


Brendon had wanted to surprise his wife with a photo album of himself in various sexy poses as apparently it was something she had jokingly asked for a couple years ago.

Masika posted the ‘dudeoir’ pics to her Facebook page and within 24 hours they were shared more than 100,000 times.

So many people appreciated the original change from the usual perspective that the sequel was inevitable.

This time the shoot took place outdoors around various ‘farm locations’ and yet again people are loving it.

One commenter wrote:

This is refreshing….a real man,handsome and real without steroids,PhotoShop,fake tanner and greasy abs probably works hard,loves true and eats real food!


It seems like this guy is gaining quite the fan club:

This guy seems like a great guy. Hard working (Farms are no easy task), funny and OMG, what gorgeous eyes he has. He is sexy in so many ways that a lot of models can’t be.

What I love about these pictures is that this man obviously is fun (and good looking), has a great sense of humor and is poking a bit of fun at all of the sexy girl/male model shots that we have all seen. I love it! Job well done, sir!

Couldn’t agree more!

You can see the entire shoot on Masika’s website, her Instagram page or her Facebook.

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    Canadian Guy Defies Gender Stereotypes With Sensual Countryside ‘Dudeoir’ Photoshoot