This Quiz Lets You Know If You’re Annoying To Work With


Have you recently missed out on that promotion? Been overlooked to head up that project you were hoping to take the reins on? 

It turns out there could be a few very good reasons for your career slowing dow and it’s not necessarily because of your capability.

According to the indy100, CEOs and business gurus have been identifying the bad habits and characteristics which make people a nightmare to work with.


And it turns out that one of the number one reasons for that cramped up desk next to the water cooler or that windowless cupboard of an office could simply be that you’re annoying as fuck.

So if you’re messy, take credit for other people’s work, go for days without a shower or ‘call in sick’ on a suspicious amount of Monday mornings, you could be shooting yourself in the foot.

Take this quiz to see how just how annoying you are and whether or not you need to reconsider your work based antics…

Maybe time to tone it down a little?