This Super-Realistic Dinosaur Prank Is Cruel And Hilarious In Equal Measure

by : UNILAD on : 23 Mar 2016 16:42

Question. How would you react if a realistic-looking dinosaur just jumped out at you in a creepy deserted car park?


Let’s be honest, you probably wouldn’t be as calm as this guy now would you?

giphy (7)giphy (7)

When Australian radio DJ’s and part-time pranksters, Hamish and Andy, got their hands on what they claim is ‘most realistic dinosaur in the world’ they hatched a diabolical plan to have some evil fun at their colleagues’ expense.

In a video titled ‘Jurassic Carpark’, the pair lure their workmates to an underground carpark where the raptor waits to attack and it’s fair to say the reactions are priceless.


giphy (8)giphy (8)

And of course their humiliation is captured entirely on video and has since been uploaded online. Even after these guys find out it’s a fake, they still get the fuck out of there as soon as they can.

The model does look pretty detailed, but after a closer look, the legs are a massive giveaway as you can clearly see it’s human operated.

giphy (9)giphy (9)

Still though, you wouldn’t want to come across this nightmare hiding in your basement.

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