This Terrifying Footage From A Boat During Storm Gertrude Is Insane


This dramatic video captures the stomach churning reality of what it was like to be on board a ship during Storm Gertrude last month.

According to the Daily Mail, the dizzying footage was filmed by a man standing on the bridge of a boat stranded in the North Sea, around 100 miles from land, on January 29th.

The clip shows the jaw-dropping waves – estimated to be around 100-foot high – smashing into the ship, rocking it from side to side and submerging the entire deck with water.

The video from inside the ship is pretty sickening, as the waves roll it around while the ship can even be heard creaking under the force of the devastating storm.

The footage was captured from an Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel (ERRV), used by workers to look after oil platforms and the people who work on them.

Storm Gertrude brought 144mph winds to the UK in January, blowing down trees, knocking over vehicles and generally causing chaos.


The Met Office was forced to issue a red weather warning across large parts of Scotland and northern England. Ferry and train services north of the border were severely reduced and the Forth, Tay and Kessock bridges in Scotland were closed.

Even The Pride of Hull – one of the world’s largest ferries – was unable to dock in the morning due to the extreme weather conditions, and some of the largest waves ever to hit UK shores were recorded in the Outer Hebrides islands off the Scottish coast.

And you thought your commute to work was stressful…