This Trick Can Get You 24 Days Off Next Year Using 14 Days Holiday


If you are wise and speedy then you can get 24 days off next year using only 14 days worth of holiday.

This simple calendar hack is perfect if you fancy taking a long break from work but you will have to be quick booking it off.

Of course this only works if your job doesn’t require you to work weekends and bank holidays, and you’re okay to disappear for almost a month!


If you fancy an extended glorious break from the usual routine then Easter 2018 is a good time to go away thanks to two bank holidays in May.

Here is a breakdown of what you need to book off:

Friday, May 4: Last day of work
Saturday, May 5: Weekend
Sunday, May 6: Weekend
Monday, May 7: Bank holiday
Tuesday, May 8: Book off
Wednesday, May 9: Book off
Thursday, May 10: Book off
Friday, May 11: Book off
Saturday, May 12: Weekend
Sunday, May 13: Weekend
Monday, May 14: Book off
Tuesday, May 15: Book off
Wednesday, May 16: Book off
Thursday, May 17: Book off
Friday, May 18: Book off
Saturday, May 19: Weekend
Sunday, May 20: Weekend
Monday, May 21: Book off
Tuesday, May 22: Book off
Wednesday, May 23: Book off
Thursday, May 24: Book off
Friday, May 25: Book off
Saturday, May 26: Weekend
Sunday, May 27: Weekend
Monday, May 28: Bank holiday
Tuesday, May 29: Back to work

Time to get booking!