This Weird Cat Optical Illusion Is Slightly Disturbing

cat web thumbYouTube

Optical illusions have been hitting us left, right and centre in recent weeks, but this one might freak out cat lovers everywhere.

Brace yourself if you’re a feline fan, as this set of images could tip you over the edge.

A Japanese photographer living in the United Arab Emirates captured images of a cat, which on first glance, looks like it has a hole blown in its side.

But, before you start panicking, this particular moggy just so happens to have a distinctive pattern on its fur, which creates an incredible effect as it walks through the desert.

Because the ginger patch of its body is the exact same colour as the sand and there is a dark tint around it, it does give the impression that the cat has a massive hole right through it.

This effect is only evident when the cat – who’s known as ‘Okaachan’ or ‘Momma’ – heads out into the desert environment around their home in Al-`Ain, RocketNews24 reports.

These bizarre pictures have since been retweeted thousands of times in Japan – and we’re sure it won’t be long until the same happens here.