Disgusting Tale Proves You Should Concentrate When Making Your Girlfriend Breakfast

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There are few things better than waking up to a delicious breakfast in bed made specially for you.

At leat that’s what was going through one guy’s mind as he prepared his girlfriend a delicious early morning greeting. But, unfortunately for both of them, that’s not how it worked out.

Redditor ‘Tr0lldem0rt’ posted his tale of misfortune to the fast becoming legendary ‘Toady I Fucked Up’ (TIFU) thread.


In an attempt to help his girlfriend through the stressful period of her university finals, he decided to show his support:

Last night she was awake until 4/5am revising so I take her some breakfast in bed.  I Made her some coffee and a bowl of cereal and swanned off upstairs like the food providing alpha I really am.

It just wasn’t that simple though…

I goofed around with her and did the whole ‘here comes the plane’ threatening to spill either the spoon full or the bowl on her.


It’s safe to say that coating your girlfriend in milk and wheat treats is much better than what actually happened…

After a few seconds of fooling around she manages to get the spoon in her mouth and she chews away still giggling.

That giggling slowed down only to be replaced by a look of confusion. She commented about how the cereal tasted weird.


So ‘Tr0lldem0rt’ ran back downstairs to the check the cereal box, which, to his surprise, he found unopened…

I make deadlock eye contact with the only other thing on my kitchen unit. God damn cat biscuits. I just spoon fed my girlfriend of two lovely years some super healthy Go Cat Chicken and bloody Rabbit.


It turns out the hapless woman had already worked it out before he managed to get back upstairs and tell her. According to ‘Tr0lldem0rt’ ‘No words have been said since’.

These things take time…