Three Quarters Of Millennials Don’t Know How To Change A Tyre


Almost three quarters of millennials have admitted they have absolutely no idea how to change a tyre.

According to a new study of 2,000 drivers, more than four in 10 of people aged 36 and above could confidently change a wheel at the side of a road, but this number goes down to just 27 per cent of 18-23 year olds.

More than a third of millennials also admitted that they would struggle to open a car bonnet while 34 per cent don’t even know what power steering does.

And only half of under 35s, polled by TV show Flipping Bangers, know how to check and top up the oil level on their car, despite the check being part of the driving test.

One of the show’s hosts Gus Gregory said:

Most people get into their cars, turn the key and drive away, without really knowing anything about the reasons why something goes wrong when it does.

It seems under-35s are the least equipped to deal with basic issues and repairs such as changing a tyre or replacing a windscreen blade.

We think it’s a good idea for everyone, no matter what age, to learn the basic and normally most vital principles of car maintenance.

As seen in our show, Flipping Bangers, even some of the simplest mechanical knowledge can turn and old and rusty banger back into a beautiful and iconic car.


Co-host, Will Trickett added:

Thanks to the internet there are loads of ways to learn how to fix things in a car. All it takes is a bit of time and elbow grease and you could save yourself a lot of money.

Researchers discovered more than one in 10 under-35s reckon power steering is used to help the car break, and the same number of people don’t even know that ABS stands for anti-lock braking system.

Four in 10 millennials would struggle to know how to top-up their levels of screenwash in order to keep their windscreens clear.


However, young drivers are more savvy than their older counterparts on the technology inside the car. They know how to connect their phone to the car’s Bluetooth, for example.

Interestingly, more young than old people rate their general knowledge of car parts and maintenance as ‘excellent’ despite the evidence.

When they’re trying to find out the answers they need to fix a car, almost twice as many millennials will consult YouTube for data, while older drivers are more likely to turn to a book for the answer.

It’s not only in the car where the younger generation’s lack of knowledge is plain to see, as many struggle with the most basic of DIY tasks.


Three times as many over-36-year-olds would be confident wiring a plug, compared to the younger generation.

And twice the number of non-millennials will have a bash at fixing a leaky tap than those aged under 36, who would go straight for help.

The results also found millennials are twice as likely to call someone else for help with car or general DIY maintenance.

Flipping Bangers will be followed by Strippers: Cash for Cars, at 10pm, as part of Car Night BLAZE.

Top 20 things millennials would struggle to do:

1. Fix a leaky tap

2. Re-wire a plug

3. Change a headlight bulb

4. Bleed a radiator

5. Change a car tyre

6. Jump star a car with a flat battery

7. Replace the wiper blades

8. Change a fuse

9. Check the tread depth on car tyres

10. Put up a shelf

11. Unblock the sink

12. Descale a kettle

13. Connect your phone to the car radio

14. Build flat pack furniture

15. Top up the oil in the car

16. Change a lightbulb

17. Check the tyre pressures on the car

18. Find the spare tyre

19. Check the oil levels in a car

20. Fill up the screenwash