‘Throuple’ of Two Men And A Woman Want To Start Family Together

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A loving ‘throuple’ of two married men and their girlfriend, who live together in New York, have revealed they’ve had talks about having a baby.

38-year-old Chris Brandt, his husband Matt, and Cait Earnest, who are both 28-years-old, live together in their one-bedroom apartment in the US city.

Matt and Chris, who’ve been together for eight years, said they ‘invited’ Cait into their relationship after meeting her on a dating app two years ago.

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Chris, who is bisexual, said he suggested they involve a woman in their relationship because Matt had ‘never had any sexual experiences with one’, telling The Sun:

Matthew had never had any experience with women before he’d met me and before I met Matthew I’d dated quite a few girls and quite a few guys.

I suggested to Chris, ‘How would you feel about involving a woman in some fashion?’

Chris said Matt was initially against the idea but soon decided to try it out and then they met Cait.

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Cait is also bisexual whereas Matt is ‘homoflexible’.

Matt added:

I’m homoflexible so I like guys and I’m open, flexible to women – I prefer men.

I guess I had an awakening after I had a sexual experience with a women. It’s just another body, another soul, a connection that I can have.

Chris said the three of them started to ‘spend more and more time together’ and after about seven or eight months Cait was staying over ‘five nights a week’.

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The three all said their relationship is better than ever before, ‘despite disputes about who sleeps where in the bed’.

Chris continued:

In regards to bed placing, it does complicate things.

Matthew and I used to sleep on opposite sides and then Cait came long.

If I wanted to stay on the same side Cait would have to be in the middle and we found quickly she didn’t like that.

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Nine months into their relationship with Cait, Matt and Chris got married and made sure Cait was there to officiate the wedding.

Now, Cait said people don’t always believe her when she introduces people to her ‘two boyfriends’, saying:

When we meet somebody at a bar I will usually say, ‘Hi, I’m Cait and these are my two boyfriends’. People often ask if I’m joking.

Meeting Chris and Matt also gave Cait her first experience of sex with more than one person at the same time, adding:

It’s different strokes for different folks but I would say it’s a pretty fun sex life.

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Matt said with three of them in the relationship, nobody is lacking any attention and said there’s one particular highlight – the gifts:

One of the best things about being in a throuple is that you get more gifts. Holidays, birthdays, we like to celebrate everything!

They’ve been a unit of three for two years now and they’ve even discussed the idea of children.

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Matt’s granddad has embraced their relationship and he’s always asking when one of them will get Cait pregnant.

They said they’re thinking about having children in the future but not right now, with Matt adding:

As far as kids, I think any child would be lucky to have three parents but we have two dogs for now and that’s enough.