TikToker Claims Apartments Can Have A Secret Lock You Know Nothing About

by : Cameron Frew on : 03 Apr 2021 14:57
TikToker Claims Apartments Can Have A Secret Lock You Know Nothing About@bryanstandley/TikTok

Have you ever considered there might be a secret lock on your apartment door? TikTokers are discovering them, and people are shaken. 

It all started with Bryan Standley, a Kansas City home inspector who uploaded a video unveiling a secret lock on a door. He slid the metal circle round on the lock, revealing another entry point for a key.


Since being uploaded in late February, it’s been viewed more than 2.6 million times. Other users on TikTok have been inspired to check their own doors – and some have found secret locks.

One user (@keithswagger) had the exact same lock on his door. His clip has been viewed more than 22.1 million times.


While it’s not entirely clear how many doors have these locks, a number of comments have suggested it’s for maintenance workers in apartment buildings to be able to access the home in cases of emergency.

However, one user commented: ‘I get that it’s used for maintenance but one time I was asleep in my bed and I heard something fall. I got up and it was the maintenance… at 11pm.’


Another wrote: ‘Y’all… it’s for maintenance to enter. Even if you don’t use the flip lock, they master them. It’s against the lease to change your lock.’ That isn’t necessarily true; you’re normally allowed to change the lock on your door, but you’d need to alert your landlord before doing so.

Many have also said it’s for landlords’ master keys, in cases where they need to enter the apartment – however, with certain exceptions, they normally have to give tenants prior notice. Some US states prohibit this, so some users have suggested people check their local laws if they’re concerned.

Another user recalled: ‘Funny, landlord said he wasn’t going in our apartment without us knowing. Changed the locks and within a week he asked why we changed the locks.’

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