TikToker Discovers Old CIA Report Believing Humans Could Leave Their Bodies

by : Julia Banim on : 18 Feb 2021 15:16
TikToker Discovers Old CIA Report Believing Humans Could Leave Their Bodiesabby_careyyy/TikTok

TikTok users have discovered a declassified 1983 CIA report that explored whether or not human beings could leave their physical bodies behind to travel through space and time.

The fascinating report investigated whether low frequency sounds and relaxation techniques could literally result in an out-of-body experience, expanding upon the capabilities of the human mind.


In 1983, long before the dawn of TikTok, the CIA commissioned an Army study of the Gateway Experience, a technique that uses sound tapes to manipulate brainwaves to create an altered state of consciousness.

You can check out more about the curious report, explained by conspiracy theory TikToker Abigail Carey, below:


The report, titled Analysis and Assessment of The Gateway Process, was written by US Army Lieutenant Colonel Wayne M McDonnell, providing a scientific framework for comprehending and enhancing human consciousness and out-of-body experiments, as well as other altered states of mind.

Describing the Gateway Experience, McDonnell wrote:

A training system designed to bring enhanced strength, focus and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between left and right hemispheres so as to alter consciousness, moving it outside the physical sphere so as to ultimately escape even the restrictions of time and space.

Practical uses of this technique reportedly include the manifestation of goals, the conversion of energy for bodily healing, and – most surreal of all – travelling through space and time to obtain new information.


The report concluded that the Gateway Experience would be scientifically ‘plausible’, and that it may even have practical uses for US intelligence. However, it also concluded that further research would be required in order to build upon these preliminary findings.


According to the report, sound recordings are used in the Gateway Experience as a way to control brain waves and ultimately alter the mind:

Solid matter, in the strict construction of the term, simply does not exist. All the atoms that make up the ‘physical’ are just spinning, oscillating, energy grids. They are energy. Not matter.

The universe is composed of interacting energy fields, some at rest and some in motion. It is, in and of itself, one gigantic hologram of unbelievable complexity.


In 2003, the report was declassified by the CIA, and went more or less unnoticed for many years despite its extremely interesting contents.

Now, TikTok users are reviving interest in this old and almost forgotten report, with dozens of users giving videoed explanations of the Gateway phenomenon while sharing their own attempts to access it using tapes that can be bought online.

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