TikToker Gives Husband Valentine’s Present Of All The Women’s Instagram Pictures He’s Liked

by : Cameron Frew on : 13 Feb 2021 16:18
TikToker Gives Husband Valentine's Present Of All The Women's Instagram Pictures He's Likedgr93la/TikTok

A TikToker gave her husband the perfect Valentine’s Day gift: a collection of all the women’s Instagram photos he’s liked.

It’s a proper 21st century debate: is it appropriate to like other people’s photos while you’re in a relationship? Some say yes, because they’re just photos and pressing a like button isn’t an indication of you wanting to pursue them.


Others say no, because it could be seen as you indicating you find another person attractive. This woman clearly falls more towards the no side, particularly with her special Valentine’s gift.

Posted by Gloria (@gr93la), the TikTok shows her assembling the package, which has other women’s photos that her partner has liked attached to sticks. ‘I hope he likes it,’ she says.


Some people clearly like the gift, with one user writing, ‘Well he did like the pictures… pretty sure he’ll love the gift.’ Another joked, ‘Imma need a bigger box.’

A third wrote, ‘Icon. Legend. Inspiration.’ A fourth commented, ‘Omg I didn’t know what to get him. THIS IS PERFECT.’ A fifth wrote, ‘This needs A LOT more recognition.’


Others have been more critical, with one writing, ‘Tell me you’re petty without telling me you’re petty.’ Another wrote, ‘No, this is toxic and very insecure.’ A third wrote, ‘It’s just likes.’

However, as another user pointed out, ‘Some girls don’t like it and that’s okay.’ Another commented, ‘Perhaps to you but to others it matters. Everyone’s relationship is different and everyone has different boundaries.’

It also sparked some to check what they’re partners have been liking on social media, to which one user wrote, ‘Soooo I just went through his recent likes. Nothing but me, cars and motorcycles.’


Many people have asked Gloria to film his reaction and post it on TikTok. With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we should expect an update soon enough.

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