TikToker Shares One Question That Could Reveal If You Have Psychopathic Tendencies

by : Emily Brown on : 03 Mar 2021 14:44
TikToker Reveals One Question That Could Reveal If You Have Psychopathic Tendenciessophia.boi/TikTok/Lionsgate Films/Columbia Pictures

A TikTok user has sparked conversation after sharing a question that could apparently reveal if you have psychopathic tendencies.  

Sophia addressed her followers in the video shared last month in which she stressed that she is ‘not a medical professional’, nor should the question and its responses be treated as a diagnosis.


Still, the video captured the attention of a lot of curious people as she outlined the question, beginning, ‘I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through a dark and eerie forest.’

Check out the video below:


Sophia continued: ‘Now, your heart is pounding and you hear sounds all around you. Suddenly you hear and feel breathing behind you and you whirl around in terror.’

Getting to the crux of the question, the TikToker asked, ‘Now, what do you see?’, offering suggestions including a wild animal, a pale person of the opposite sex, a shadowy figure, a dog, nothing, or a giant bug.

In a follow-up video, Sophia explained that the so-called ‘correct’ answer to the question would be a dog, as that is the response often given by people who possess psychopathic tendencies.


I’m not sure if that’s exactly the outcome people would be hoping for, but I suppose it’s always good to know where you’re at.

Sophia continued:

Psychologists don’t know the real reason why so many psychopaths say dog, but here’s one. The dog answer could be indicative of a masking behaviour.

Dogs are fluffy and non threatening, and maybe this is the psychopath trying to prompt in the mind of the interviewer this manipulative, self-serving answer – they see the interviewer as a passive object to be manipulated.


The other responses to the question also come with their own reasonings, with Sophia explaining that seeing someone of the opposite sex is ‘quite a normal response because humans are scary’. Shadowy figures are also said to be a usual response due to the portrayal of supernatural and paranormal beings in popular culture.

Seeing an animal or seeing nothing are both ‘logical’ answers, as Sophia noted that the scene takes place in woods that are supposed to be dark. Answering ‘nothing’ may also suggest you are self-aware, and that you don’t see fears as an immediate threat.


If you saw a bug, the TikToker suggested that you’re ‘probably afraid of bees’ like she is.

Sophia later stressed again that her asking the question and responding to the answers was ‘100% not a diagnosis’, and noted that she didn’t intend to cause any harm by raising the question.

So, what do you see in the woods?

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