TikToker Thinks He’s An Only Child, Finds Out He Has 30 Siblings After Taking DNA Test

by : Emily Brown on : 16 Mar 2021 13:21
TikToker Thinks He's Only Child, Finds Out He Has 30 Siblings After Taking DNA Testkingnabill69/TikTok

Only children might sometimes wish they had a brother or sister to share their family experiences with, but not many of them have that wish come true with the sudden discovery of 30 siblings. 

The outlier in this particular scenario is Andy Nabil, who took to TikTok last week to explain that this is exactly what happened to him when he took an ancestry DNA test last December.


Andy shared the video in response to another TikToker, who asked their followers whether any of them had ever taken an ancestry DNA test and ‘accidentally uncover[ed] a family secret’.

Check out Andy’s video below:

@kingnabil69##stitch with @meezersqueezer ##greenscreen My AncestryDNA story and the most insane weekend of my life. ##stitch ##ancestrydna ##siblings ##23andme♬ original sound – Andy Nabil


The TikToker, from Atlanta, Georgia, explained that his father had previously told him that his heritage was ‘mostly French [and] English’, so Andy was confused to find that his own test told him his heritage was more Irish than French or English.

He then checked what the test said about his parents, and found that while his mum was correctly identified, the person said to be his father was not who he expected.

Andy commented, ‘Who the f*ck is that? That’s not my dad.’

Baffled by the revelation that his dad was not who he thought he was, Andy took to Google to do some more digging and found that his biological father was actually a sperm donor.


The revelation only got bigger when he came across a post about his real father and ’15 of [his] siblings’ that he ‘didn’t know about’, saying they had been out together partying in Mexico.

As if a new father and 15 siblings wasn’t enough, Andy then learned that there were another 15 siblings out there, making him one of 31 children.


He commented, ‘I woke up two days ago thinking I was an only child, and now I find out that I’m the second oldest of 31!’

Andy described the entire situation as the ‘most insane weekend of [his] life’, and in a later video revealed that while his parents knew that he had been born using a sperm donor, they failed to give him a heads-up before he took the DNA test.


After discovering his huge family, Andy joined a group chat with his siblings and made clear that he would be joining them on their next vacation. One week on from his big discovery, he shared a TikTok in which a number of his siblings introduced themselves from their homes all over the United States and beyond.

Andy no doubt got more than he bargained for when he took the DNA test, but at least he’s secured a whole host of new friends out of it!

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Andy Nabil/TikTok
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