TikToker Confronts Her Cheating Boyfriend By Super-Gluing Evidence To His Wall

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Feb 2021 13:45
TikToker Who Thinks Her Boyfriend Is Cheating Super-Glues Evidence To His Wall@lovetruthink/TikTok

A TikTok user who found evidence her boyfriend was cheating decided to confront him by redecorating his room with every unfaithful message and image she found. 

TikToker Emely garnered millions of views after she posted a video in which she printed off screenshots which apparently proved her boyfriend was cheating with ‘not one, not two, but three lovely ladies’.


In the clip, Emely explained that her partner had ‘consistently’ told she was ‘crazy and paranoid’ for thinking he was being unfaithful, so she decided to confront him with the evidence so he couldn’t ‘gaslight his way out of it.’

Check out the video here:


After printing off a huge pile of messages and pictures, Emely picked up some super glue spray and gave her boyfriend some new wallpaper, covering his entire bedroom wall with the exchanges he’d apparently had with the other women.

Discussing her plan, she told viewers that she’d blurred out the ‘faces, phone numbers and naughty parts’ included in the evidence, explaining that it took ‘about two hours to superglue all of the proof to his wall, but [she] definitely thought it was worth it.’

The TikToker described the finished result as a ‘masterpiece’ which she was sure her boyfriend was ‘going to love’.


She added: ‘I also made sure to get his mirror, because he probably won’t be able to look at himself after this. Now any girl who comes over will know he’s a cheater.’

In a later video, Emely told TikTok users that she’d started to become suspicious of her boyfriend when he asked her to block his ex-girlfriend on social media, claiming his ex was ‘crazy’ and would try to ‘sabotage’ their relationship. Emely said that in reality her boyfriend was ‘trying to get her back the whole time’.


Other things that raised her suspicions were the fact that he boyfriend would ‘freak out’ whenever she went near his phone, and that he would turn his location off and ignore her calls when she questioned his whereabouts.

An update on TikTok saw Emely explain that she’d debated whether or not she wanted to be around when his boyfriend witnessed the new ‘wallpaper’ for the first time, but that she ultimately decided not to be there.

She explained:


The reason for that is because he cheated before and manipulated his way out of it, so I didn’t want to give him chance to do it again. Instead I told him I had a surprise for him, set up balloons, set up signs on the way to his room, then I told him to text me when he was on his way.

When he text me he was on his way, I blocked him and ghosted him.

After being met with the evidence, Emely said that her boyfriend left her multiple voicemails in which he did not apologise, but instead denied he had been cheating.

While some viewers questioned why Emely had gone to such great lengths for someone who had disrespected her, others praised her for taking action.

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