Time Capsule Found Up Jesus’ Bum Has Mysterious Message


Jesus left the world having handed down many a message to man, but another pearl of wisdom has just been found in his bum.

A statue of Jesus in Spain has been found to have a hand-written note hidden up his bum by a bunch of restorers.

Inserted inside the 18th century statue is a message which dates back to 1777, and was placed there by a priest in some sort of strange religious time capsule.


Rather than any cosmic or metaphysical revelations, however, hidden in the behind of the Messianic statue is a bunch of information about 18th century Spain.

On the note are details about popular pastimes, the economic situation, political and religious matters of the time, and a bunch of other tidbits.

The document was written and signed by Joaquin Minguez, and was unearthed by the restoration company Da Vinci Restauro.

The statue is kept in the church of Santa Agueda in Sotillo de la Ribera in the Spanish province of Burgos.


Local historian Efren Arroyo said:

It is amazing, because it really is unique to find hidden handwritten documents inside such statues.

Among the details written by the priest were as detailed as community affairs, common diseases and popular children’s games as well as local celebrity bullfighters.

As a result of the info contained in Jesus’ bum, experts are pointing to this note as one of the earliest time capsules in human history left for future generations to discover.

This historical discovery may well pale in comparison, however, to a recent revelation uncovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza.


For decades, what lies in the centre of the pyramid has been hotly debated by experts, and now a new discovery just deepens the mystery.

Scientists working on the structure recently found a massive void in the centre of the Great Pyramid, but nobody knows why it’s there.

The internal structure of the pyramid is reportedly above the Grand Gallery, a massive hall between two chambers.


The route is at least 30 metres long, but other than that, little is known about it.

The discovery is the first of its kind since the 19th century, and has been made possible by advances in scientific methods of research.

This discovery was made thanks to the use of cosmic-ray imaging, which allows the researchers to scan deep into the pyramid to get to the bottom of just what is inside.

Doing this meant they can look inside without even having to set foot into the halls and disturb what’s there.


Mehdi Tayoubi, co-founder of the ScanPyramids project and president of the Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute told the Daily Mail:

This is a premier. It could be composed of one or several structures… maybe it could be another Grand Gallery. It could be a chamber, it could be a lot of things.

It was hidden, I think, since the construction of the pyramid.

While the mystery of the Great Pyramid of Giza remains unsolved for now, experts are hoping the new scanning technique could be used to unlock some of the great mysteries of the pyramids in the future.


Hopefully not in a mummy’s bum, though.