Time Traveller From 2030 Claims He Knows What Happens To The UK After Brexit

by : Emily Brown on : 29 Jan 2019 17:53
Time traveller explains what will happen to the UK after BrexitTime traveller explains what will happen to the UK after BrexitApexTV/YouTube/Getty

A man who claims to be a time traveller from 2030 supposedly knows what happens to the UK after Brexit – so at least we can rest assured that some sort of decision will have been made by then. 


I can’t say I entirely understand what’s going on with Brexit at the moment, but then again I’m not sure anyone – at least, anyone from our time – does.

With Theresa May scrambling to get some sort of deal in place while the dreaded March 29 exit date looms ever closer, the outcome is looking quite bleak, and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel while we’re in the midst of the chaos.

But thankfully, a ‘time traveller’ is here to inform us of what’s to come:


I wouldn’t take his word as gospel, but he seems to be more confident about the Brexit plans than anyone in the government, so it’s actually quite reassuring.

Noah the ‘time traveller’ remains hidden in the video, supposedly in case his younger, present self sees him and the universe implodes, but he explains he’s here to tell us ‘the truth in everything there is to know about the future’.

His introduction suggests that until now we’ve been lied to about the future, which would be quite hard to achieve considering it hasn’t happened yet, but nevertheless Noah is here to reveal all.

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He explains:

Today I will be telling you guys the future of the United Kingdom. First thing, the United Kingdom actually comes back into the European Union.

Everyone knows that they actually left a while ago now, but they actually come back before 2030.

Obviously we haven’t left the EU yet, but presumably Noah is referring to his 2030 time when he says ‘they left a while ago’.

While that’s good news for everyone who voted Remain, it’s still quite frustrating to learn the UK apparently went through all of this turmoil and stress just to end up back where we started.


I wonder if the PM would debate just packing in all of these Brexit shenanigans if she heard Noah’s side of the story?

Noah goes on to explain that not only does the UK return to the European Union, but that European countries essentially end up dissolving in to one, giant, all-encompassing country.

He continues:

The thing about the European Union in the future is all the countries in the EU actually converge together into one giant country, and the UK kind of acts like a district in this giant country.

Yes, I am telling the truth.

The UK, Germany, Denmark, Spain, and all the other countries all come together to become one super-country.

The next 11 years will also apparently see the Euro and the Pound become obsolete as a new currency is introduced.

The ‘time traveller’ warns global warming will continue to be a big issue, and he also describes a ‘chip’ which can be implanted to ‘expand your brain function six times’.

If Noah’s description of the future is to be trusted, then there’s certainly a lot set to happen over the next decade!

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