Tinder Couple Meet On Live TV For First Time After Three Years Of Messaging

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Good Morning America

A couple have met for the first time on live television after exchanging messages on Tinder for the past three years.


Ohio college students Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas swiped right and matched on Tinder three years ago but have only just met for the first time on Good Morning America.

And it was even more adorable than you would expect….

You can watch the video here:

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When the two lovebirds matched, Josh reached out right away but Michelle waited two months to reply saying ‘sorry my phone died’.

Josh then responded two months later saying ‘sorry, I was in the shower’ and from that moment onwards began the strangest, but also the cutest, courtship in online dating history.

The two were always months late to reply to each other and each time came up with a hilarious excuse to why their response was so delayed.

When Josh shared their conversation on Twitter it went viral and even Michelle noticed it commenting ‘sorry I’d reply but I need to give it a few months’.

A few news organisations also spotted the post and Good Morning America even offered the couple the opportunity to meet, as long as it was on live television, in front of millions of viewers.

When the presenters asked Michelle why she would always take so long to reply she said:

I was committed to my joke. I was not ready to give it up.

I loved the fact that we had a similar sense of humour and I was not going to be the one to give in.

Good Morning America

The hosts also did a little test to see how well the two matched asking both of them to describe their perfect date, choose their best karaoke song and what show they like to binge watch.

Michelle and Josh could not be more perfect for each other agreeing that on a date ‘the most important thing is the food’ and that The Office is the best show to binge watch.

Even the host admitted they are ‘a match made in Tinder heaven’.

When the two walked around the panel between them, seeing each other for the first time, they of course burst into giggles blushing in front of the camera.

Josh said ‘Michelle, it is pleasure to finally meet you’ before giving her a hug.

When the presenters asked how the couple felt about meeting on Tinder Josh said:

My sister met her fiancee on Tinder and she gave me some kind of hope that this is where it is.

They are getting married in November.

Michelle jokingly responded ‘no pressure then’.


Tinder, being the kind cupids they are, also noticed the story and asked the couple to pick a city they would want to travel to for their first date.

They chose Maui in Hawaii, a rather good choice.

If Michelle and Josh get married, then there are going to be some cracking wedding speeches.

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Good Morning America
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